Welcome To KC15

Welcome to KC15 Website Design Services, a home based design business catering for small to medium sized websites for personal and small business use.

Operating solely by myself from the foothills of the Yarra Valley. Being a Melbourne East local I know the area and its people, and just like all of them I am down to earth and more than happy to help. Do not let the low prices fool you, the quality is above industry standard.

  • I do not accept work from large companies as this takes up to much of my time, my passion is small business and helping them expand.
  • All website design work is done right here in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.
  • I encourage communication between my customers and myself and I am available by phone or E-mail for any questions.
  • All designs come with full screen image sliders on the home page, by default I create 3 slides but you can have as many as you want.
  • After recognizing your needs I can install many options including image galleries, forums, FAQ's and many more.
  • All of my designs are responsive, meaning they will look great on PC, MAC, Tablet and Phone's. - Sites that do not do this look cheap.



People On A Budget

I can perform high quality designs for less than others mainly as I do all the work and do not outsource. Most large design companies use designers in other countries, meaning your support is not immediate and can take days to get a reply - not with a local.

Rock Form Builder

You can have a complete HTML website created especially for your special occasion, then anyone in the world can log on and enjoy your photos, stories and much more. If you can think of a better way to share the whole day with loved ones I would love to hear it.

No Skills Required

No computer knowledge is needed on your part, simply provide me with your images, text and anything else you want displayed in a professional looking website, a full design takes only a few days. Do you have any Questions? Don't hesitate to contact me today.

Why So Cheap?

KC15 is 100% run from home meaning little overheads to cover and then there is the fact that a lot of website designers seem to inflate the actual costs of design, it seems to be industry wide so people just assume that's how much it costs. It is CRAZY!



KC15 F.A.Q's

How Do I Pay? Paypal, Cash or Installaments.
Can we meet in person to discuss my needs for a website design?
How long does it normally take KC15 to complete a website design?
How can KC15 make owning a website so much cheaper than other places?
Is KC15 a registered business and what is your service area?
What is the hosting option offered by KC15 and how does it work?
Personal data that may be obtained during design and what I do with it.
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KC15 hosting terms and conditions - read me if you want HTML hosting.
Refusal of work details.
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